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BottomSlim is committed to empowering woman with confidence, to enable individuals to express their personalities.

Clinically proven lower- body slimming techniques and world class service professionals are our fundamental unique selling points.

Since inception, body slimming technologies have been BottomSlim’s core priorities. BottomSlim’s mission is to remain focused on our customers.

BottomSlim continues to focus on the most natural forms of slimming for our customers.


#03-24, PLQ Mall, Level 3

Store information
    • Monday 11am - 8:30pm
      Tuesday 11am - 8:30pm
      Wednesday 11am - 8:30pm
      Thursday 11am - 8:30pm
      Friday 11am - 8:30pm
      Saturday 10am - 7pm
      Sunday 11am - 7pm