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A different beat

— Introduction —

An oasis in the city. A place to enjoy life with wonderful connected spaces and plenty of delectable dining options for all. With direct integration to the park connector network, PLQ Parkside is cycle and pedestrian friendly. Enjoy the lush landscapes, alfresco dining and unique experiences for everyone.

alfresco dining in the parkside

Parkside Dining

— Dining —

Your table, your world. Enjoy a morning croissant, lunch with friends or a glass of wine after work. The variety and uniqueness of indoor and outdoor dining experiences makes PLQ Parkside the place to be.

couple enjoying brunch and coffee at PLQ Parkside

Café culture

Sit back, relax and sip on some gourmet coffee while the kids play at the outdoor playground.

excellent selection of food options all day

All day dining

From a quick bite to a business lunch, PLQ Parkside offers an excellent selection of all day dining for all.

speciality food retailers at PLQ Parkside

What’s your speciality

PLQ Parkside is the place to indulge and enjoy the creations of speciality food retailers from near and far.

woman working at PLQ Parkside on her laptop

Third spaces

A refreshing change to your home and work environments- PLQ Parkside is where you take a moment to read a book, or set the lunch meeting mood right in an ambient surrounding.

A place for special moments

— Your Urban Oasis —

PLQ Parkside is an urban oasis. Relax in lush green surroundings, or join the children on a journey of discovery in the outdoor playground. When your stomach starts to rumble, satisfy your hunger at one of the parkside family friendly restaurants by the park. A perfect day.

young girl playing at the playground


PLQ Parkside features the beautiful outdoor playground, a lovely location for the little ones to enjoy moments of fun in the heart of Paya Lebar Quarter.

lush green landscaping for you to relax

Be seen in green

PLQ Parkside features natural escapes for all to enjoy - the perfect location to catch up with friends and family, or enjoy a moment of stillness in the city.

2 young women walking in greenery

Seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors

— Connectivity —

From work or play, shopping or home - enjoy the seamless transition from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. The area offerings seamless connections to all areas of the space and the colours of the neighbourhood.

100,000 square feet of open public space

100,000 square feet to stay and play

For friends and families alike, Paya Lebar Quarter is a place to stroll, cycle and soak up the multitide of experiences that can be uniquely yours.

directly integrated to the Park Connector Network

Paya Lebar Quarter and beyond

Connected to the wider Park Connector network, your commute or sunday morning stroll can now take you from Paya Lebar Quarter to East Coast Park safely and easily. The location also includes 300+ bicycle parking spaces.